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What if you had a 25th Hour?

Posted on: April 15, 2010


We’ve all heard ourselves say it: “There’s never enough time!” Maybe Noah and his family said it, too, as they hurried the paired animals aboard the ark. But, like our forebears of long ago, we all get the same twenty-four hours, the same 1,440 minutes daily.

Noah’s advantage?

His team got a precise deadline, clear consequences, and detailed instructions from a Higher Authority on exactly when and how to proceed.

The above is from the fourth edition of international best seller: THE TIME TRAP

Just recall about any emergency – a dead line, exam dates, some application filing …… We did it well in time and met our deadlines but when it comes to normal life, we seem lost and are unable to focus on some goal like doing exercise to reduce weight, to read some good book or to learn some foreign language. This is due to certain factors which the author calls  “supertraps” from which all the other time traps originate. Super traps include:

  1. Trivial Distractions
  2. Undue Expectations
  3. Urgency Trumping Validity

The author raises a very interesting question: What if you have a 25th hour? What will you do? Play a sport, or exercise? Visit with friends? Play ball with your kids? Clean up your room? Relax? Read, study? Meditate, pray? Paint a picture? Visit a gallery? Learn guitar? Garden? Cook? Repaint a room? or will you Volunteer for a cause you care about?

The author states that: Whatever you selected, one thing is sure: you would hold that gift hour strictly for that goal, not permitting any random distractions or subtractions. You’d insist on staying focused on your chosen goal. You’d be clear about your motive for managing that rare gift of time. If, before going on with this book, you focus on an important personal or life goal currently out of reach, you’ll gain a strong impetus to escape any time trap that frustrates you now. So, before proceeding much further, picture that valued goal, keep it modest enough to build or savor in the single saved hour per day . . . something that would keep repaying you with pride or serenity, not just once, but many times over, in the next few weeks or months. Imagine that hour, reliably yours, every day. Keep it in sight.

The author says that most people think: Time Management is Common Sense…… Beware – Common sense is not so common!

Suggestions from author for better time management:

• Make a written or graphic plan for each day.
• Keep track of instances when you go “off-plan.”
• See how often in fact you’ve been making so-called “adjustments.”

Author suggests: Your prime tool of time management—a written plan—represents visual proof when you have been given too much work for the time available.

So, what will you do if you had 25th hour? Your comments?



7 Responses to "What if you had a 25th Hour?"

Well I think if there would have been 25th hour available,clock dial would be little modified and nothing else.
Its not a joke think about it and you will certainly agree.

Well, let’s look at it the other way. What if we only had 23 hours?

The ideas are nice .. but i believe some of us take centuries to fix up our priorities.. instead of using the available time and move forward we are returning to stone ages …

Excellent sharing! Generally humans are lazy. Very few will make the best use of that extra hour.

Dear Hammad Sb , Jawwad sb and Nasir sb – Thanks for your comments

I have seen one thing common whenever it comes to time management and that is a GOAL. Once a goal is there, things start getting shape and falling into right places.

nice piece…….

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