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Let’s try to discover ourself!

Posted on: April 8, 2010

There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking. —William James

In the book Change your thinking, change your life, Brian Tracy states that:

Your self-concept has three parts, like a pie divided into three wedges. Each is linked with each of the others. All three elements together make up your personality.They largely determine what you think, feel, and do, and everything that happens to you.

1. Self ideal

Your self-ideal is the first part of your personality and your self-concept. Your self-ideal is made up of all of your hopes, dreams, visions, and ideals.Your self-ideal is composed of the virtues, values, and qualities that you most admire in yourself and others.

Your self-ideal is the person you would most like to become, if you could be a perfect person in every way. These ideals guide and shape your behavior. Great men and women, leaders, and people of character are very clear about their values, visions, and ideals. They know who they are and what they believe in.They set high  standards for themselves, and they don’t compromise those standards. They are men and women that others can look up to and depend on.They are definite and distinct in their interactions with others. In everything they do, they strive to live up to their ideals.

2. Self Image

The second part of your self-concept is your self-image. This is the way you see yourself and think about yourself. It is often called your “inner mirror.” It is where you look internally to see how you should behave in a particular situation. Because of the power of your self-image, you always perform on the outside consistent with the picture you have of yourself on the inside.

All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures.Your internal images influence your emotions, your behaviors, your attitudes, and even the way other people respond to you. The development of a positive self-image is a vital part of changing your thinking and changing your life.

3. Self Esteem

The third part of your self-concept is your self-esteem. This is the emotional component of your personality, and is the most important factor in determining how you think, feel, and behave. Your level of self-esteem largely determines much of what happens to you in life.

Your self-esteem is best defined as how much you like yourself. The more you like yourself, the better you perform at anything you attempt. And by the law of reversibility, the better you perform, the more you like yourself.

Four action exercises from the book: Change your thinking, Change your life by Brian Tracy:

1. What kind of people do you most admire and respect? Why? How could you change your behavior so that it is more consistent with that of the best people you know?
2. In what areas of your life do you like yourself the most? What sorts of activities give the highest levels of self-esteem and personal value? How could you do even more of these things?
3. You are a thoroughly good person. From this day forth, see yourself as the very best you can be, and refuse to accept any limitations on your possibilities.
4. Change your self-concept by continually thinking, talking, and acting as if you were already the person you would like to be, enjoying the life that you want and deserve.

Here is a video from Brian Tracy: You are, what you think you are


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1 Response to "Let’s try to discover ourself!"

Nice thought. Its said that everything we see, was once someone’s dream.

We can envision ourselves whom we want to be, and that will certainly help us become better. Although comparing oneself to others is sometimes considered unhealthy, having a role model and following his/her steps is something that can make us all better.

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