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The worst thing we have to fear is…….

Posted on: April 6, 2010

When we grow up, parents or teachers or any authority figures tell us what to do. At college, its professor, while at job, its the boss. So, if people are telling us to have discipline, we do what others say and not what we think. Usually, we are told what to do, how to do it, and when to have it done. People are afraid to change habits. The quotable quote from the book: The worst thing we have to fear is …… the fear itself!

Wise advice: Don’t be afraid to change any habit. Self Discipline is a skill which can be learnt.

Why are we afraid of failure?

During its experimental phase, Edison’s lightbulb flopped hundreds of times. Did this make Edison a failure? Of course not. Edison saw each failure as taking him one step closer to success. Indeed, because of his attitude regarding failure, he was able to draw on the power of self-discipline in order to persevere. Edison’s experience with the lightbulb graphically demonstrates the absurdity of linking failure to self-esteem. The author says: I suppose we could say that Edison saw the light.

Are we afraid to fail as our sub-conscious mind tells us that if we fail, we will look like a fool?

Subconsciously, we all link failure to humiliation. Fear of humiliation hampers our ability to make a strong commitment to our chosen endeavors, the big stuff and the little stuff. Commitment is a necessary ingredient of self-discipline.

Four steps to self discipline process: Decision, Preparation, Action, Completion / Maintenance

The author states that:

By far, the most common mistake people make when attempting to use self-discipline is this: They select a goal and start at the Action Stage of the self-discipline process, before doing the necessary groundwork. That’s like trying to build a penthouse before building the first floor.

I repeat, starting toward your goal at the Action Stage, before taking specific steps in the Decision Stage and the Preparation Stage, is putting the cart before the horse; sure, you might eventually drive your goods to market but not without driving yourself and your horse half crazy. You will make self-discipline a lot easier for yourself by doing things in a certain order. Believe me, this approach will save you a lot of time and trouble no matter what type of goals you choose, whether you are starting a business, losing weight, or finally getting the garage cleared out.

You can download the book by clicking the book cover above in the post.

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3 Responses to "The worst thing we have to fear is……."

Can you upload the soft copies of the books you have on your blog sir? I am going through your book “Never eat alone” and i found it to be very helpful.

You are doing a great job with your blog and i really admire your effort sir.



Of course true but easier said than done. On what fear is, how it hampers human functionality and what it takes to overcome it, I recommend the movie Batman Begins, a wonderful reflection on the reality of fear.

I will share my own example in that i have always started at the action stage.

I thank Mirza for stating a great rule which, unfortunately, I didn’t act upon before.

Other silent readers please share thoughts too! 🙂

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