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It’s all in your head!

Posted on: March 27, 2010

It's all in your head

Happiness is a state of mind, not a goal.

At times we wait for a ‘perfect moment’ to make a call or wear our best dress or to do ‘xyz’ task. Waiting for the perfect moment means waiting forever.

Hesitation delays success, not pain, and freezes fear in place. Be dauntless. Take the action. You’ll achieve more, be happier, and spend less time worried and afraid.

Prioritize the items by difficulty . . . and then do the most difficult one first.

Don’t look at the present as a brief moment, a slice of time between the past and the future; view it as an experience, as a state of mind.

A practical technique to be happy

Take out your journal and turn to a fresh page. On top of the page write the heading “Things for Which I’m Grateful.”

Start by writing, “I’m alive,” and move on from there, line by line, filling as many pages as you need.

journalStart by concentrating on those you love. Write about family and friends and pets from your past and present. For instance, you might write, “I’m grateful for my friendship with Nelson Barber, who always makes me laugh.”

Next, move on to places you love or loved. The list could include special spots that have always brought you serenity, or it could consist solely of your home. You might write something like “I’m grateful for our apartment overlooking the harbor.” It might also consist of places you’ve been to only once—say, the little pension in Vienna where you spent a magical weekend with your spouse, or the summit of Mount Rainier, which you
climbed with your brother last summer.

Turn to things you value. I know, people are always railing against materialism. But let’s be real: there are things that give us joy. It could be your library, or a set of golf clubs, or your collection of shoes. No one is going to read this list, so don’t feel self-conscious about offering thanks for some inanimate objects others might think valueless. If you’re grateful for your Weber grill or your string of pearls, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging it.

Tips and techniques

Too many of us spend our lives planning and hoping and dreaming about how wonderful our lives could be in the future. As a result, we fail to see how wonderful life is today.

Take responsibility for your own happiness and start living in the now. Tomorrow is too late. You can be happy today.
• When you look at the present in terms of time, it becomes infinitesimal and blurry. Instead, look at the present as an experience, as a state of mind.

The present is the experience of living, not remembering or hoping.
• Prudent planning is fine, but there’s a big difference between planning for the future and living in it.
• Take inventory of all the things for which you’re grateful: the people you love, the places you enjoy, the things that bring you pleasure.
• Don’t defer happiness to some nonexistent tomorrow. Let yourself be happy today.

Your thoughts?



6 Responses to "It’s all in your head!"

Very good concept that it is all in our head and we should live in the present and enjoy instead of worrying about non-existent future. But the problem is that we easily forget this concept in the practical life and gain start worrying for some thing or the other relating to the future.

Any way MM you are doing great job by sharing such marvllous thoughts.

Best Regards

Dear Malik,

Infact it all depends on our way of thinking. You might have seen people who have multi millions of wealth and yet they are not happy and on the contrary there are people who does not have any material wealth yet they are the happiest people in this world.

you must have seen Movie “Black” now just immagine how diificult our life could have been if we were born as deaf blind. So we all should be thankful to the God for all the blessings rather than ruining our life in never ending wishlist. Wo Ghalib sahab ne kya khub kha hai:

Hazaaroon Khwahisheen Aisi ke har Khwahish pe dam nikle
Bohat nikle mere arman likin phir bhi kam nikle


You are right MM. All we need to do is to take periodic inventory (accountants understand that well 🙂 ) of our blessings and be grateful.

We can certainly be happy about what we have rather than having sorrow over our wish list!

Thanks Jawad sb for your comment and thoughts

It’s all in your head!

I read the outline and beleive its a true essense of life…how u carry it and whats its impact / results / outcome towards your mind mapping

Thanks for sharing…

Wish you all the best!


Thanks Halima for your thoughts – i do believe that a man gets upset not be external environment but by internal environment!!

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