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How to avoid anger?

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Ideas from the book: How to create your own future by Brian Tracy: (www.briantracy.com)

 The more you think about your problems, the more negative you will become.

 How can a person avoid negative thoughts? What is the solution?

How can you not think about problems?

 Solution is:

 Think about solutions!!! (Interesting isn’t it?)

Ihzrat Khan, the Sufi Master, once wrote, “Life is a continuous succession of problems.”

Everyone’s life is probably filled with problems of all kinds, large and small. If a person does not watch out, those problems  fill thoughts and preoccupy a person’s mind.

Whenever you have a problem of any kind, discipline yourself to think about the solution instead.

Stop reviewing the problem in your mind, thinking about who was to blame, and wondering what you could have or should have done differently. Instead, think about the solution and what you are going to do next.

The instant that you start thinking about what you can do, your mind calms and clears. You become positive and constructive. You are back in control.

How not to be angry?

 • Whenever something happens that makes you angry, neutralize the negative thought by thinking about your goals, especially your biggest and most exciting goal.

• Repeat your goal in the form of a personal, present tense affirmation.

• Talk to yourself about what you want, and use that to keep your mind off of the things that you don’t want.

• The key: Try to neutralize you anger by focusing on long term solution.

 • Don’t think about past, think about future. Think about where you are going rather than where you have been.

• Think about your ideal life and the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead of you Your future dreams and visions are naturally positive and uplifting. While you are thinking about them, you can’t simultaneously think about something that holds you back or drags you down.

You can use the Law of Substitution by getting so busy working on goals and tasks that are important to you that you don’t have any time to think about anything else.

Almost all negativity requires your remembering and rehashing a past event or circumstance. Positive thinking comes from your thinking about your goals and the specific things that you could be doing right now to achieve them faster. The only real antidote to worry is sustained, continuous action. When you “lose yourself in action,” your worries disappear.

Your thoughts?



6 Responses to "How to avoid anger?"

blessed by this writeup,i understand that in life,challenges are bound 2 occur but then dwelling on it ll only compound it,so 2 avoid this is 2 reason 4 solution thereby relieving ur inner man and instead surrounding ur self with peace of mind…this is maturity! i really appreciate u.

Perfect, I loved it and it comes at the right time for me. Thank you!!!!

My pleasure – Thank you for visiting the site – if possible, your name with the post would help.

1. A man who gets angry, at the right things and with the right people and in the right way and at the right time and for the right length of time, is commended. – By Aristotle
2. A person who gets angry over little matters is immature.
3. Anger is one of the snews of soul.
4. Burn anger before anger burns you. – By Dada Jasan P. Vaswani

That is why, luke warm anger may be required sometimes for the right things, with right people and in a right way and for the right length of time.
However, one must save himself from the fire of anger.

I think you have analyzed anger and its degrees in quite appropriate manner. One should prevent from burning in fire of anger. Further, one should be in control rather than letting anger control him or her. Very rightly said. Thanks for your comments

Burdens of the past, fears of the future, stop us from acting in the present. Its the same as above where one focuses on creating a positive future by acting-in-present rather than regretting-about-past.

Its said that only those face obstacles who have the potential to reach their goal. Obstacles are an indication that they are moving ahead. Surely someone not moving would not find any!

On the personal side, I was able to develop the first page of my website. Well, I would rather say our website. Its only one page and few lines but a giant leap for me. 🙂

Wish all readers a wonderful weekend!

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