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Do you want other people to respect you?

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Almost every person wants others to respect him or her.

Brian Tracy (www.briantracy.com) suggests: “if you want people to respect you, the best way is for you to respect them, in advance”.

 More thoughts from Brian Tracy’s book: Create your own future:

  • We are living not in an era of the ‘go-getters’ but ‘go-givers’.
  • Give before you receive
  • Majority of people who are unable to achieve in their lives are those who are waiting and waiting and waiting for ‘others’ to do some thing
  • The law of giving says – Give more and have more!
  • Can you get fruit before your sow the seed? If not, how can you earn happiness if you don’t sow seeds of good ideas, good thoughts, good feelings and respect to others?

REMEMBER: a person will not ‘give’ and ‘receive’ from the same person.  It may happen that you give to one and you receive from the other…. (This is an interesting thought, isn’t it). Brain Tracy provides and explanation of law of attraction as follows:

 “When you do something nice for another person, it raises your own self-esteem and makes you feel better about yourself. This heightened feeling of positive energy activates your powers of attraction. You become a more powerful magnet for people and circumstances consistent with your goals. Good things start to happen to you”.

Brian Tracy has narrated story of Rockfeller in his book as follows:

When Rockefeller was 52 years old, he was the richest man in the world. He was also a physical wreck. He was in a state of collapse. His body was falling apart. The doctors told him that he only had a few months, perhaps a year, to live. He had worked for so long, and so hard, and had taken such poor care of himself physically, that even though he could afford any kind of treatment, there was nothing they could do for him. Rockefeller decided that if he was going to die anyway, he was going to go back to his original intention and give away some of his money.

He sold half of his interests in the Rockefeller oil companies for cash, an amount of about $500 million dollars. He then set up the first Rockefeller Foundation and began giving his money away to worthy causes that he had admired over the years. And a remarkable thing happened.

The more money he gave away, the healthier he became.

Eventually, his physical problems cleared up. The more dedicated he became to charitable causes, to funding churches and foundations and other needy organizations, the better he felt, and the healthier, happier, and more positive he became. Meanwhile, the Rockefeller oil companies continued to grow. The half ownership that he retained in his companies increased in value at a rate faster than he could give the other half away. Rockefeller lived to the age of 92, another 40 years. By the time he died, he had given away hundreds of millions of dollars. But the incredible thing was that he was worth more when he died than when he had sold half of his interests at the age of 52 and began his charitable activities.

Now, if some one has no money, what should he or she give?

My response: Give your smile, your happiness and your kind words to the other person and see the miracle!

Do you really believe in this? Do you believe that ‘giving’ your thoughts, your time, your energy, your efforts without expecting reward will make you happy? e.g. teaching a child who cannot read or helping a widow or helping an older person in something? Looking for your thoughts!!!



9 Responses to "Do you want other people to respect you?"

donot lay your problem to others as far as i learned lesson donot belive on other.Belive on you.make yourself full confident.Person has to respect you.

sometimes we give and expect to give more, more and more, I find it difficult to know when people start to use me and when they just need a help

I believe, Great posting!

What I beleive! greatness can only be acheived when we help enough people to get what they want; like Mr. Jawwad said it can be skills; it can be courage; a little piece of knowledge that can bring someone from darkness to bright!

In order to get what we want; like we say RESPECT here or some good wishes for our life! we must need to invest ourselve in helping enough people to get what they want!

Very right Fahim and Jawwad – It is said that if you help some one below you, some one from top will help you! Thanks for your comments

Its amazing when you find similarities amongst the Western Management Gurus and Islamic Philosophers. Giving in advance, though an act of reducing wealth apparently, has in fact, been proven technique for increasing wealth.

And may I add, its not only about wealth. You can share whatever you have, may it be skills, experience, tips, quotes, anything at all!

It will be great if the readers of this blog write more as I feel there is the “Silent Majority” observing!!!

Have a great time.


Indeed very impacting. Almost all the religions but Islam gives more importance to giving. In holy Quran Allah promises returnin multiplied by 700 times the charity we give away.

Giving ‘in advance’ is interesting…Good choice.

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