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Do you want to be mentally fit? – Here is a seven step mental fitness program

Posted on: February 21, 2010

Thought multiplied by Emotion = Reality (T × E = R)

 Here is a seven step ‘mental fitness program’ recommended by Brian Tracy in his book: Create your own future:

Exercise 1: Eliminate Negative emotions:

  • Anger, Blame, Envy, Resentment, and Self-pity – Eliminate them with good thought.
  • Make a conscious decision to accept complete responsibility for your life, for everything you are and everything you will ever be.
  • Don’t blame anyone else.
  • I am, what I am due to my choices and no one else.

 Exercise 2: Take charge of your life

  • BE active rather than passive.
  • Make things happen rather than waiting and hoping for them to happen.
  • Be a master of change rather than as a victim of change.

“If you are not happy with some part of your life, you get busy and do something about it, but you refuse to allow negative emotions to interfere with your personality or to cloud your vision”.

 Exercise 3: Set clear & written goals

  • Write down goals in every important area of your life
  • Work on major goals every day
  • Track your progress – it will give energy to move forward

 Exercise 4: Learn knowledge and skill are the keys to financial freedom

  • The more you learn, the more you earn.
  • The more you learn about your field, the more opportunities you will have to use your increasing
  • If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.

 Exercise 5: Achieve personal mastery in your field of work

  • Harder you work, luckier you get
  • Excellent performance opens every door and is the key to your earning what you are really worth.

 Exercise 6: Prepare a plan for personal and professional development

  • Read, listen to audio programs, and attend courses and seminars.
  • Take every opportunity to increase knowledge and skill.
  • The more you work on becoming better at the key skills you need to achieve your goals, the more confident and competent you feel.
  • Success is not an accident.
  • Luck is just a word that people use to explain the good things that continually happen to people who are excellent at what they do.

 Seventh, and perhaps most important of all, you know that you become what you think about most of the time. You, therefore, discipline yourself to think continually about the things that you want, and keep your mind off of the things you don’t want.

Do you agree with the above? Share your thoughts….. 




11 Responses to "Do you want to be mentally fit? – Here is a seven step mental fitness program"

This very intresting points.which change my way of thinking positively.

Mental fitness!
Physical fitness!
Two things not separable!

So if there are some daily routines, some 10 minutes morning routine maybe, for body and mind, I would request MM to share with us.

Malik sb

this is the best ive read so far here, very practical. very helpful in coaching others too.

thanks for sharing.


Dear Shahid Bhai – thanks a lot for your comments and appreciation. If you have time, kindly keep on sharing your ideas and thoughts. Thanks again.

This is a good one. A good thought to be mentally fit

Malik Sb,

Outstanding choice… I truly believe in these steps… Absolutely, thinking process leads to positive/negative approach…

Lately, you are putting together/recommending very nice articles and books. Keep it up… 🙂 Thanks.

Thanks a lot for appreciation. Kindly spread the word for others to contribute their thoughts and read these writings.

I read The Secret a couple of years back and it has changed my life…
In the end, ‘A man is what he thinks about all day long.’

If we try and think & visualize positive, happy thoughts…It will manifest in our lives…

Have an outstanding life…


Thanks for your comments – Very well said; a person is what he / she thinks all day… Think good, be good!

I have been having this very discussion and actually it seems that if we give thought to not wanting happines, wealth, love or whatever it is we really want if we picture these things in our mind and truly feel the not wanting of them the not wanting of happiness the not wanting of love the not wanting of finances woe and behold, similarly to focusing on what we do want they will come. This is my current understanding and of course its not rigid as I am open to change

Dear Jay – this is a very interesting point – it is said than one should visualize positive thoughts all the time. Negative thoughts should be avoided. If you have time, please read this post on few ideas from the Book: The Secret http://wp.me/pHUHq-47
Thanks for your comments.

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