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Why are businessmen successful? The Secret Revealed!

Posted on: January 29, 2010


‘Whether or not you believe you can or

you believe you can’t,

either way you are right!’ – Henry Ford


Henry Ford, the inventor of the automobile and founder of the Ford Motor Company (www.Ford.com), was very often labeled an ‘ignorant man’ as he did not have much formal schooling.

He did not know much about accounting, engineering or literature.

Despite this, Ford founded the Ford Motor Company, which today is a billion dollar global business. 

In actual fact, he did not have the necessary skills or talent to invent anything. He was just a man who kept taking massive action backed by an unshakeable belief that ‘nothing was impossible.’ 

His secret was this. ‘Hire people who are smarter than you and put them to work.’ 

That’s exactly what Ford did. He went out and hired the best brains to work for him. He then tasked them to invent the Ford-T, one of the first automobiles in the world. 

When these scientists and engineers said it was impossible, he said, ‘Do whatever it takes, and you will find a way’, ‘Don’t give me a problem, find a solution.’ Eventually, with all his pushing, the first auto mobile model T was introduced to the world in 1908. 

The same thing still holds true today. Many intelligent, well educated people with MBAs and PhDs never accomplish much because, although they may have the intelligence and knowledge, they don’t take sufficient consistent action. 

Action is the driving force that makes things happen. When you take consistent action towards a specific outcome, you definitely produce results. You either get the results you want (success), or you get the results you don’t want (feedback).  

Knowledge, intelligence and capability turn into power only when ‘action’ is taken. Adam Khoo states that: 

When you are highly academically qualified, you tend to be more risk averse. So you tend to take less action. I am not saying that knowledge and education are not important. They are extremely powerful resources. But taking massive action is the key to unleashing your personal power. People who combine knowledge with massive action become unstoppable in achieving any goal.

Here is a video of the first automobile assembly lines of the world – Ford’s T Model



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14 Responses to "Why are businessmen successful? The Secret Revealed!"

i have read from this comments and i have find it usefull to me thanks

Thanks Edwin for your comments – if you have time, please go through other posts on this website and share your experiences.

Well…of course very productive insights here.
As far I have got, the one must be aware of business ideas including market,management and economics knowledge as compulsary. It’s not importamt u must have enough capital on hand to start a business. Let yourself be ruled by others in any organization. Hone ur confidence,skills,business behavior and also make a lhving. Not much later, u can invest in a part time business. Bt mind u,consumer + organizational behavior and a well-organized/managed business never comes down. Thanks

Thanks Seyal sb for your comments – Being a business person is more a mindset rather than capital. Its more about thinking rather than a qualification, though qualification do play important role – thanks for sharing your thoughts

The effective businessman learns the business of business by doing business; which is very much like wheelwrights back in the days of horsepower learnt how to make spoked wooden wheels: they learnt by doing. But a bit of further education in the form of studying the right rule book beforehand couldn’t hurt, that is, before attempting something new or exotic in the business world where the application of craft is just as important as the application of enthusiasm. Good rules in business must help, as rules (being guides to acts defining what can or cannot be done and security fences against making too many mistakes) are for following, and following in good order. As, for example, in this axiom, maxim, precept, apothegm or aphorism here shows quite well and which is couched in the form of a rule: “Never confuse the objective observation of a generally accepted truth as being the unreserved adoption of the point of view resulting from the findings of that observation.” And if you agree with me on this point about the importance and functions of rules in business, as in life in general, then why not follow this hyperlink: http://www.therulesofacquisition.wordpress.com/ . It may even take you somewhere interesting that you always wanted to go, but didn’t previously know that you always wanted to get there.

Action indeed determines your outcome.If you act sluggishly,more likely you are in a snail pace. But if you act in quantum speed focusing on where you want to go, you will likely reach your goal in time faster than you expect.

It is said that journey of a thousand mile begins with first step. Once you start moving, you will reach where you want to go….. Thanks for your comment.

Wonderful! I am also of the opinion that education is not prerequisite to start any venture. The foremost important aspect is your action, determination and consistency.

Great !!!

I totally agree with the saying that if you are more qualified you are more risk averse, sometimes i thought that I may be more successful in life if i don’t become an Accountant, cause now m just a clerk, else i must be a businessman, but now my family says that you should do job.

Great post. According to me creativity, patience and punctuality is very much essential to become successful businessmen. Hard work and proper usage of your intellect will surly improve your present life situation. For more details refer http://www.prime-targeting.com/so-you-thought-the-most-successful-businessmen-were-born-with-silver-spoons-in-their-mouths-right/


It’s time you share with us some insights on time management in life, something we will all really benefit from.

Lack of time is complained a lot about these days and usually is responsible for disenchantment in life. So any helpful book on that subject?

Dear Rizwan – I will be picking up some interesting book on time management shortly with tools and techniques to address this issue – Till then, i would suggest you: “Eat that Frog” by brian Tracy. If you need soft copy, send me an email. Its really an interesting little over 100 page account on effective time management.

Thanks for responding so quickly to the request.

can you send to me Malik Bai

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