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Do you need a college degree to become a millionaire?

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Think about this.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Larry Ellison, Soichiro Honda and Richard Branson all do not have a college degree. Yet they have built billion dollar empires run by extremely well qualified managers and professionals, many with Harvard MBAs. Why?

Simply because they were individuals who took massive action.

The above is quote from the best seller book: Master your mind, design your destiny.

Adam Khoo, principal author of the book and a self-made millionaire at the age of 26 reveals his life story in the book.

At the age of 8 – Adam Khoo was expelled out from primary school for mis-behaviour.

Due to poor academic results, Adam Khoo was rejected by every one of the six secondary schools chosen by Adam’s parents. Academically, Adam was very weak – he failed four out of eight subjects in the school and was placed in bottom student.

Adam was not only weak in studies but was also weak physically. Within six months of joining scouts movement, he was thrown out of it as he was unable to pass “scouts standard” exams!

Adam was addicted to arcade games and TV programs. “I used to believe that I was not as intelligent as other kids. Being in a close-knit extended family with cousins in gifted streams and in the best schools didn’t help! I used to believe that I was born lazy, slow, unmotivated, maybe even stupid. That no matter what I did, I would never excel in anything. I was not gifted musically nor did I show any sporting prowess. I was just so very average in those departments.”

What changed Adam Khoo? From a failure, how did he become a millionaire?

He started using the science of personal development: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

First and key thought of NLP: Our BELIEFS act as switches to our brain’s potential. To progress, we should first of all have strong belief that ‘YES I CAN’

Adam Khoo states: “What I learnt from my many mentors inspired, stimulated and challenged me. I decided to adopt a new belief that ‘if it was possible for others, it would be possible for me’. It was only a question of strategy.”

Adam Khoo studied the successful students and simply ‘modeled’ all the good habits of those successful students.

Adam started observing: How did successful students took notes? How did they stay motivated? How did they concentrate? How did they memorize so easily? How did they grasp difficult concepts? How did they tackle tough examination questions? Adam started to compile all these mental success blueprints and then proceeded to install these strategies within himself.

Finally, Adam started thinking and doing exactly what successful students were doing. He took notes the same way, asked the same kind of questions and approached questions in the same manner.

Adam Khoo states: “By constantly stimulating my brain like they did theirs, I inevitably started creating the same excellent results they had. Within a year, from passing just two subjects, I scored 7As and ranked among the top ten students in my school. In three years, I topped the school with the lowest scoring aggregate and I became the first and only student from my school to qualify for the number one junior college in Singapore that year, Victoria Junior College. I later went on to qualify for the National University of Singapore (open to only the top 10% of students in the country) and was ranked the top one percent of academic achievers there within a year. Within six short years, I found myself being ranked among the top one percent of students in the country”.

Amazing – isn’t it?

More from life of Adam Khoo would be posted on this blog – happy reading.

What do you think – Do you need a college degree to become a millionaire? Share your thoughts!



3 Responses to "Do you need a college degree to become a millionaire?"

I will second azmina that we should first need to understand the scope of having education primarily i.e. definitely attaining of knowledge; and it’s not a valid consideration to make analysis in comparison of having riches by securing good degree/s. But in capitalized world we tend to do anything for profits so we do compare our activities with how much we do/will earn.

Do we really believe university/college degree is only meant for making money? We must first understand the meaning of education.

This article gives hope to millions of people who might otherwise feel that they have no fighting chance in life.

More articles like this give hope and make all the difference in the lives of those who dropped out of high school.

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