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Are you lucky? What does ‘LUCK’ stand for?

Posted on: January 18, 2010

What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School

The harder I practice, the luckier I getGary Player.

What is the essential difference between those who are fortunate and those who are less fortunate in business?

Those who are lucky learn how to take advantage of a situation.

The group that is ‘naturally lucky’ can see the tiniest crack and turn it into a big split while the group which ‘never gets a break’ wouldn’t see the opportunity even if ‘oppotunity’ jumps up and down in front of them.

In his book: “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School”, Mark H. McCormack  has narrated following story about Mr. Good father, who got lucky.

Mr. Good father was a horticulturist who took care of plants and greenery in different offices and companies including Jones & Laughlin steel.

He learnt that Eaton Corporation, another big firm in the area and a big customer of his client, Jone & Laughlin Steel, is moving in his building.

He thought to call person incharge at Eaton office.

Mistakenly he got connected over phone to the person who was really in charge, Chairman and CEO of Eaton Mr. Del DeWindt.

“I take care of all the plants for Jones and Laughlin Steel and I would like to see someone about your accounts” Said Mr. Good father to Mr. Del DeWindt.

The next morning, Mr. Good Father was ushered into a conference room to meet with several high ranking Eaton executives, all of whom had their ‘Jones & Laughlin’ files in front of them.

Once the case of mistaken identity was cleared up, every one had a good laugh and that might be the end of a cute rather pointless story. But as Mr. Good father was leaving, he turned to one of the executives and said: “Now, about your plants……”

He got the account!

About LUCK, one of my friends said:

L stands for “Labour”

U stands for “Under”

C stands for “Correct”

K stands for “Knowledge”

Look around and find the opportunity. Are we Labouring Under Correct Knowledge?

Keep reading and sharing.

Good LUCK!



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