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How to get ahead in life? Ideas not taught at Harvard Business School! – CADIF?

Posted on: January 8, 2010

What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School

Why certain people make it to the top and others don’t? What are the qualities which make an ordinary employee CHIEF EXECUTIVE of a company? What is the criteria by which a boss judge his or her employees?

Here is the CADIF principle:

1. Commitment: Total commitment to the work.

2. Attention to details: Pay attention – devil lies in details!

3. Immediate Follow up: Keep tracking!

Getting ahead in life is not taught at Business schools.

Can you look good without necessarily making someone else look bad? What are the rules of the game?

Rule 1: Survival of the fitterst

Rule 2: Your peers are your natural allies

Rule 3: There is always a system – work through it

Don’t change the system, work through it. Try to make things easier for others. Think: What do you do beyond your job description?

Who are the people who get ahead in life?

Those are the people who have an inner drive to perform a task well, no matter how small it may seem.

Carpenters who become contractors at one time had a need to drive a nail straighter than any one else. Waiters who end up owning restaurants were at one time very good waiters!.

Here are three hardest phrases to say:

1. I don’t know

2. I need help

3. I was wrong

Mark McCormack explains that if you don’t know some thing, admit it and then find some one who knows. Learn from him / her. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. A mistake is not a mistake when you commit it. A mistake is a mistake when you repeat it. If a person learns from mistake, take corrective action and learns, he or she can get ahead from others!

Do you have other ideas on getting ahead in life?

Your comments and contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Share your experiences – share your thoughts simply by writing your comments or sending email to wisdomfrombooks@gmail.com

Wishing for your success!



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