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Can you read people? Harvard Business School does not teach reading people!

Posted on: January 7, 2010

What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School

It is difficult to read people. Isn’t it? Also, it is not taught in schools!

How can we read people?

There is no magic five steps or ten steps mantra. However, Mark Mc Cormack suggests basic seven steps:

1. Listen Aggressively: Listen not only what some one is saying but ‘how’ is he or she saying it.

2. Observe Aggressively

3. Talk Less: Every one should be talking less and observing more. Ask questions and don’t begin to answer them yourself.

4. Take a second look at first impression: Muhammad Ali Boxer once told McCormack: “I am more famous than Jesus Christ”. This seems wrong at first listening but if numbers are compared, Muhammad Ali was liked not only by various Christians but Muslims and other religious communities too. This statement, though strange, may sound true when second look is taken!

5. Take time to use what you have learned

If you are about to make a phone call, pause and think for a while what kind of response you need from other person. From what you know about the other person, how can you get the response you need?

6. Be discreet: Let people learn about you from some one else.

7. Be detached: Don’t go for heated response. Don’t react, rather act!. Use what you have learnt.

If you don’t react, you will never ‘overreact’. You will be a ‘controller’ rather than a controllee.

Happy reading.

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3 Responses to "Can you read people? Harvard Business School does not teach reading people!"

Those are some wise pieces of advice. But I guess it takes lots of practice till you finally will be able to read people.

well…..another very interesting book has been introduced by Mr Mirza… its literally attracting me to read it once. I am also surprised that you have introduced lot of books in a very short time. This shows lot of effort and habit of reading by Mr. Malik Mirza.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot Nasir for your kind words. You may also contribute in readers’ corner on interesting ideas you have from books as well! Spread the word among students and other interested colleagues so that they can also contribute and we take this habit forward. Thanks again

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