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Have a healthy disregard for Impossible: The Google Story!

Posted on: December 29, 2009


The Google Story by David A. Vise & Mark Malseed tells the story about two entrepreneurs behind Google – Sergey Brin & Larry Page

We are living in the world today in which we don’t ‘search’ people, we ‘google’ them. Google has changed the way people used to seek information.

Have you ever thought of downloading ‘whole internet’ in your computer? That’s what founder of Google, Larry Page thought (and started doing it too!)

One of the Learnings from The Google Story:  

‘Have a healthy disregard for IMPOSSIBLE’.

It was considered ‘impossible’ to have ‘whole internet’ on one computer. So, the Founders of Google built a whole network of computers to ‘download’ whole internet.

One of the Learnings from The Google Story:

 Refusals & rejections may help!

In 2004, Google went public and offered its shares on stock exchange.

Value per share: USD 85 – Total amount fetched: USD 2 billion!.

In less than a year, the stock price rose to USD 300 per share! (What were we doing at that time!) –

Don’t worry if you missed the share purchase at that time. Companies including Yahoo! and Alta Vista were approached by the Stanford University with a proposal:

They were asked to buy Google’s search system for USD 1 million……

What happened?

Yahoo!, Alta Vista and other search engines refused the offer to buy Google as a research project.

This refusal forced founders of Google to drop out from Standford and start their own project….

Just think what would have happened if Yahoo! or any other search engine would have bought the research project of two young graduates!!!!

‘The Google Story’ is the book of the week. You would be able to read more from the book and read the story of Google’s founders, two young entrepreneurs from Stanford!

This book is really interesting and worth reading for those who wish to take up entrepreneurship or to understand how Google founders started their business.

Here is how Google kicked off from 1995 onwards. Enjoy! Share your thoughts and keep reading.




2 Responses to "Have a healthy disregard for Impossible: The Google Story!"

Great work, Malik!

Keep it up!

Your choice of books is amazing…



yeah they both are lucky that… if google was purchased by anyone like yahoo or altavista then i don’t think it would be as famous as its right now…

LARRY and BRIN both are masters and have there own destiny so thank god we have google separately…

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