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Posted on: December 27, 2009

Cover - 8th Habit

THE 8th Habit

From Effectiveness to Greatness

– Am I taking initiatives?
– Am I self empowered?

In the book: The 8th Habit, Stephen R. Covey mentions about 7 Levels of Initiative or Self-Empowerment as follows:

Level 1: Wait until you are told
Why should I do any thing if I am not required to? This will cause your area of influence to become smaller. Your voice will not be heard. If people wait until they are told to do any thing, they generally start: criticizing, complaining, comparing, competing and contending.

Level 2: Ask
Ask about something within your job description but outside your circle of influence. This may be impressive and can increase your area of influence. This means trying to go an extra mile. Doing what you are not paid for!

Level 3: Make a recommendation
There are five basic steps to making a recommendation:
a. Analyze the problem.
b. Come up with alternative and recommended solutions.
c. Develop recommended steps to execute the solutions.
d. Incorporate an awareness of all realities.
e. Make a recommendation in a way that only requires approval by a single signature.

Level 4: I intend to
This goes beyond making a recommendation. You must be ready to carry out the action or plan once it has been approved.

Level 5: Do it and report immediately
Do an evaluation and give it to people who need to know

Level 6: Do it and report periodically.

Level 7: Do it

So, If we need to make a difference, Just do it!

Take initiatives.

Here is a very small motivating clip. People complain and criticize often about politicians, about society, about people around. But once a person decides to move ahead and take initiative – other people give examples of that heroic act!

Enjoy the clip!



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