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Google + Virgin = Virgle

Posted on: December 16, 2009

Cover page - Richard Branson's autobiography

Cover page - Richard Branson's autobiography

Who wants to be a millionaire? Many people perhaps. How many are willing to pay the price? Very few….

You will either be a millionaire or will go to prison
Richard Branson’s head master told him: ‘Richard, you will either go to prison or will be a millionaire’. Interestingly, Branson was the person who did both: He went to prison and he became a millionaire…. This makes his autobiography more interesting to read.

Write, write and write
Have you ever thought to change the system? Things around you are not good and you have talked to people about it but nothing more? What was Branson’s attitude when he did not like school’s environment? He wrote a detailed letter to his principal on ways to change school environment, canteen, meals etc.

Write your ideas
Branson was not an above average student. One of his characteristics from which people can learn: He used to write his ideas and business proposals from the time when he was a student.

First Business
His first business venture: A magazine!. Richard Branson started his business life by publishing ‘Student’ magazine in January 1968 (when he was around 18 years of age).

First office of Mr. Branson: A basement – dark, dirty and with little furniture….Richard Branson arranged for interviews, conducted interviews, tried to arrange for advertisements for the magazine and what not. It was a tough start.

Spot the opportunity in surrounding
Another learning from Branson: Learn from surroundings and look for opportunities around…. Richard Branson realized that people loved to listen to music and bought music Records. So, he decided to start a ‘mail order’ business i.e. providing music records to people on mail order.

The biggest issue: NAMING THE NEW BUSINESS!!

Answer: VIRGIN! Why?

One female youngster working with Branson remarked: We are complete Virgins at business!

It was a spontaneous decision of Branson to have virgin as name of their company on suggestion of her female colleague…………

Here is Mr. Branson’s new project: Virgle!

Have you seen google earth? Want to see founders of google talk about their new adventure with Mr. Branson? visit: http://www.google.com/virgle
Click on the link: ‘becoming pioneer’ to see founders of Google speaking about the project.

Want to learn more? Want to go to Mars? Here is what Richard Branson says about his new project: (More from his autobiography in coming days – Keep on reading and write your comments on this post or on this site)


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