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Get what you want in three steps!

Posted on: December 8, 2009

Book of the week: Secret

The Secret

Have you ever noticed that those who speak more about illness, have illness!!! Those who speak more about prosperity, get prosperity.

People talk about more of what they don’t want and as a result, they attract it i.e. what they don’t want.

Thought of the day: Watch your words….

Your thoughts cause your feelings – If your thoughts bring you good feeling, you are on right track. If your thoughts bring you bad feeling, you need to change your track.

Three steps formula:

First step: ASK; make a command to universe – Clear your way and define what do you want

Second step: BELIEVE – Believe that you have already received it

Third step: RECEIVE – feel wonderful about it – Feel it now!

The above are a few of the themes from the book ‘THE SECRET’. For other inspirational quotes, watch the video clip (scroll down at the end of the post)

Do you really believe in the above? Have you ever observed this around you?

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Do I really believe that ‘Thoughts become things’? We attract our own happiness?

Here is a small video clip with 101 inspriational quotes (part 1) from The Secret – Courtesy You Tube:

1 Response to "Get what you want in three steps!"

excellent quotes…keep up the good work. I suggest everyone to see this presentation again and again, because it is not learnt by going through only once. I tried this today and it really worked.

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