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What is the SECRET?

Posted on: December 7, 2009

Book of the week: Secret

The Secret

The Secret gives you any thing you want: happiness, health and wealth – Bob Proctor (Philosopher, author and personal coach)

What is the SECRET?

Why one percent of population of the world has 96% of resources? Is it designed that way? Answer is hidden in THE SECRET.

Wherever you are – India, Australia, Newzealand, Stockholm, London, Toronto, Montreal or New York, we are all working with one power. One law – It’s attraction. (page 3 of the book)


The Secret is: Like attracts like. Whatever you think, positive or negative, it will happen. Every person is a magnet. We attract incidents to ourselves. The Secret is: Law of Attraction. Whatever goes in our mind, we attract that thought in our life as an object!


Want to learn more? See the video clip. Do you believe this? Take part in polls – Express yourself by making comment on this Secret!


Do I really believe that ‘Thoughts become things’? We attract our own happiness?

Enjoy this small clip. Share your experiences – Share your thoughts


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