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Is faith more powerful or a saint (Peer) is more powerful?

Posted on: December 4, 2009

Cover - Cash Flow Quadrant

Book cover

Once Mughal Emperor Akbar asked his advisor, Beerbal: Is faith more powerful or a saint (peer) is more powerful? Beerbal replied: Faith is more powerful than anything else. Akbar asked for the proof. Beerbal told him that he would respond to him in due course of time.

Beerbal got a dead donkey buried at one place and constructed a shrine over it. Beerbal also placed two people as guardian of shrine who kept on sitting at shrine and worshiping like it was a big saint’s monument. People started flocking and seeing that a new shrine is in town, started praying, giving alms etc. One day, Queen got news that there is a shrine where if you ask something, you are granted your prayer. She asked the king Akbar to accompany him to the shrine. The King asked Beerbal to take them to shrine. After a few weeks, Beerbal took them to shrine and there were hundreds of people, asking for all sorts of things from shrine and the saint. At that time Beerbal told Akbar: Here you go with the proof. If people believe a donkey to be a saint, that donkey will become a saint. Beerbal got the dead donkey out of shrine to prove his point. This is a fable / a tale to depict that power of believes is above all.

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right!

If people believe they can change their cash flow quadrant, they can, if they believe they cannot change their cash flow quadrant, they cannot!

Hope you would have read first three steps towards changing cash flow quadrant from E & S (Employed & Self Employed) to B & I (Business person & Investor)

Here are last four steps:


There are three types of investors: One who seeks problems, one who seeks answers and the last ones who know ‘nothing’. Which kind of investor are you?

Do you want to be one who knows nothing? Do you have questions like: What do you recommend I invest in? Do you think I should buy real estate? Which mutual funds are good? Most of employees and self employed people fall in this category of investors i.e. who seek answers.

Now, the fast track investors: They seek problems. They look for problems caused by those who are in financial trouble. Lesson: Start small and learn to solve problems. Skills related to Business and investing need to be learnt.

Action points: Attend financial sessions and seminars to learn more. Meet with business brokers to see what kind of businesses are for sale in your area. Attend business opportunity conventions. Subscribe to business news papers and magazines. Learn about business and more important; try to act…..


Action points: Seek mentors. WHO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME WITH IS YOUR FUTURE. Learn from successful business persons.

a. Write down names of six people you spend most of your time (all your family members count as one). Take a look into those names. That is your future…… Six people with whom you spend the most time with are your future…..
b. Now, write down, from which quadrant are they earning their income? E, B, S or I?
c. Last, what kind of investors are those people?
d. Think!


EXPECT TO BE DISAPPOINTED. This means: Prepare yourself for unexpected results as well. Prepare yourself emotionally so that you can remain calm and cool in all type of situations.

Action points: Make mistakes. Put little money aside monthly and finally, TAKE ACTION. Just do it.


Words you speak are mirror of yourself. Listen to your own language. ‘I am not good at remembering names’. ‘I can’t do this’. ‘I am always’ like this’.

BE AWARE OF THE WORDS YOU SPEAK. Words are reflection of your thoughts. If you say: My spouse is never going to understand this or my boss is never going to understand this, in fact, you are using your spouse or your boss as an excuse. Actually, you need better communication skills……

Action point: Believe in yourself and start today….

Enjoy this lovely post on another blog on power of thoughts.

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