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Who Moved My Cheese? The Story concludes

Posted on: November 25, 2009

Dear Reader

  • What is our attitude towards CHANGE?
  • What do we do at the time when we think  that we should change a particular job but we can’t because of the fear of unknown? We keep on thinking: Why should I change my job? Things will improve here gradually…….

The story, Who Moved My Cheese continues (for earlier posts, please scroll down)

There are two little men, HEM and HAW with no Cheese at the station C. Both of them are waiting and waiting and waiting for a MIRACLE to happen. One of them, HAW decides to go into UNKNOWN. He moves out in the Maze and starts his journey. Surprisingly, he feels happy.

It is often said: Success if a journey, not destination. WHEN YOU MOVE BEYOND YOUR FEAR, YOU FEEL FREE!!

HAW gets back to HEM to tell him that there are pieces of Cheese on the way and HEM should also come with HAW to explore the unknown.

HEM Says: NO, I will stay here. SOON, THINGS WILL GET BETTER. I don’t think I will like new Cheese……Thus, HAM buys comfort, fears and denial of his present state. While HAW keeps on trying and thinks:


HAW adapts to present and he finally reaches Station N. He keeps on writing lessons on Walls for others to learn.

What happens next? What is he writing on Walls? Was HEM able to make it to the new station for new CHEESE or was he still waiting?

Is this the End of the story or beginning of a new lesson for all of us?

Tomorrow, you will be in a position to read whole story and related lessons in power point slides. Further, poll results will be announced.

Happy Reading

Kindly share your thoughts and take part in the poll.


Am I happy due to external environment or happiness comes from within?



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