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Who Moved My Cheese? The Story Continues

Posted on: November 24, 2009

Dear reader

In yesterday’s post, the story of ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ (WMMC) was introduced. You can watch the introduction clip of movie in yesterday’s post.

To summarize, ‘Cheese’ represents any thing which we want in life. Better Job, more money, big car etc.

We are happy when we have Cheese, we are unhappy when we loose cheese. WMMC is a story about two little men and two little mouse who were happy at Station C where they had lots of Cheese. Suddenly, one day, they found that the Cheese was gone. They are now thinking: What to do? Our ‘Cheese’ is gone!!!

Two mouse (sniff and scurry) started running in ‘The Maze’ in various directions and they reach another station where they found new Cheese.

Two little men kept on thinking.

– What will happen if we go out in the maze?
– We are happy here – why should we move?
– Some one is going to come and give us Cheese, lets wait.
– Why take chances – Let’s wait.

In the process they become frustrated but on a daily basis, keep on going to the Station C from their homes and wait for miracle to happen. One of them, Haw, suggested to Hem, Let’s try to find new ways. Let’s go out and make an effort. However, Hem was totally against it.

Points to ponder:
– Can we relate this to our life?
– At time, we are not happy due to current state of work, may be due to job, may be due to domestic reasons, may be due to some habit like no exercise in whole day etc.
– Generally, people keep waiting for a miracle to happen…
– People are reluctant to take ACTION.

What happens next in the story?

Thought of the day:
What would you do if you are not afraid?

Visit tomorrow to learn more. Take part in the poll. Contribute by providing your comments and keep on sharing. (If you wish to see the movie clip, you may contact me. Copy right material i.e. video clips have been removed)

Happy reading

Am I happy due to external environment or happiness comes from within?


5 Responses to "Who Moved My Cheese? The Story Continues"

Who Moved my Cheese seems to be another great book, it reminds me of the saying that “when one door of happiness closes another one opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”

Very right Aziz bhai – it is said that:
Two men look outside same bars
One saw mud, other saw stars!!!!

Thanks for contributing….

only positive and right direction we can succeed. what i learned from this book is to keep move on, unless and until we find our destination.

I believe happiness comes from internal perception of external factors, so both contribute. what does success mean to you is your internal perception. you apply your internal perception of success to your external factors. you might be successful from worldly perspective but dissappointed from within as it does not make up to your internal perception of success. same may be true the other way round. you might be happy with an accomplishment others dont weigh a lot, as you value your achievement based on your own internal perception of success.

This is an excellent book and can be productive if a reader can self analyse his attitude and compare how he has reacted in different situations. Sometimes person behaves like Sniff or scurry whereas in few scenario he acts as Ham or Haw.

I have always recommended this book to my team to read atleast once in six months to help them revisit their attitude and change it accordingly if required.

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