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International Best Seller – Who Moved My Cheese? An introduction

Posted on: November 23, 2009

Who Moved My Cheese? is a story about four little characters.

Two are Little Men – namely: Hem and How – Two are little mice – namely: Sniff and Scurry.

All of them have one thing in common: They consider ‘cheese’ to be a source of happiness for them. They are happy when they have lots of cheese. They are not happy when the cheese is lost.

They are all happy at Station C where they have lots of Cheese.

They did not notice that the Cheese was decreasing and one day, suddenly, they found that the ‘Cheese’ was gone!!!.

What happens next?

Can we relate this story to our lives?

We are happy in our job, in our business or in our daily lives with a routine pattern (our ‘Cheese’) and have our comfort zones. Any change in life makes us uncomfortable. Is it so?

We will discuss this theme with reference to the book in coming days.

If you need to see the video clip, you may contact by email. (copy right material has been removed)

To know what happened next, please visit the website tomorrow. If you have already read the book, please share your thoughts on the change management.

If you wish to read summary of The Rich Dad, Poor Dad or view related video, please read older posts.

Take part in the poll – Contribute your experiences and thoughts on change management


Am I happy due to external environment or happiness comes from within?


2 Responses to "International Best Seller – Who Moved My Cheese? An introduction"

I went through this book a while ago and i must say this book has been written with out of box thinking and allows one to be bold enough to accept change and live with it. Like they say “Change is always good” … if one analyzes carefully, its very difficult to analyze the success or failure in life … there r so many factors, so many dynamics. So whatever change comes or whatever comes in life has to be taken positively and accepted with a positive energy to move forward with it.

WMMC is amazing lesson about the change , which if we don’t adopt will be left behind. A good inspirational story tells about how we get relax and stop struggle once we get some where but due to dynamic envirment poeple who don;t have spark to learn and change themselves are left behind.Always search for new cheese.

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