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Job or Business – Choice is yours!

Posted on: November 17, 2009

In Job: You work for others i.e. you make other people rich.

In businesss: You work for your self.

Attitude towards Job: Author suggests that one should ‘learn’ on job so that he / she can start business afterwards.

In job: You earn, you pay tax and then you spend from whatever is left after paying taxes
Learn to do business – an advice from Robert Kiyosaki….

In business: You earn, you spend and then you pay tax on whatever is left.

Detailed summary on November 21, 2009

Happy reading….



2 Responses to "Job or Business – Choice is yours!"

Nice to see ur blog … the debate between job n business has been a very common one … at the end i say both have their own merits n demerits. Also it depends on the personality nature … some people end up being a good business men while others are born for working for others …

still 4 days left. Your post have really created a desire for reading full summary.

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