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Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Secret of the Rich # 1

Posted on: November 16, 2009

Robert Kiyosaki has described about 6 secrets of rich people.

What is the first secret of Rich?

Its ‘Financial Literacy’!!!

Rich people have a different deifinition of assets and liabilities from rest of the people.

What is an asset and what is liability according to the rich people?

To summarize:

If a person stops working (i.e. stops his or her job), assets will FEED him / her

and liabilities will ‘EAT’ him or her.

By this token, is house an asset?

Think over it.

Keep visiting to read more – Detailed summary on November 21, 2009…


Malik Mirza


6 Responses to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Secret of the Rich # 1"

Great effort Mr Malik…. hopefully this blog will open new dimensions for the the indiviuals…

My best wishes are with you


Umair shah

Nobody would disagree that business is better than job. But the real issue for an individual is “what business(es) should I go into and how to start that business(es)?” How to solve this problem?


I salute your vision. I know you will leave a mark on this earth InshAllah.

Malik, i agree with your summary… What is job… Asset or liability ?

Dear Sal

Keep on reading, detailed summary on November 21, 2009

Today, I have postd on the difference between job and business……

Keep reading and kindly keep posting your comments

Dear Malik Sir
Wonderful effort. please keep it up…

Just wanted to share a reflection from a short Bengali Documentary that states ” The inability to realize abilities brings disability” and I think it makes sense what it means to be rich…

Kind regards
Karim Aman
AKU-IED, Karachi

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