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Why a new blog?

Posted on: November 13, 2009

Dear Reader

Thanks for visiting this blog.

Since quite some time, I was thinking that the habit of reading books is disappearing fast. There are many reasons to it. Generally, people find it difficult to take out some time to read.

Therefore, this blog will present one book per week in a summarized form i.e. main ideas of the book will be presented in a simple language. Viewers will be in a position to discuss / add their comments and provide their thoughts.

This blog is for you. If you don’t like a particular idea, kindly say so by providing your comment. Happy reading!!

Best regards

Malik Mirza


12 Responses to "Why a new blog?"

Just saw “How it all started!” 🙂

Malik, keep up the brilliant work!

I would suggest you post the summary of this particular book which is very relevant:
“You’ve Got To Read This Book”
By Jack Canfield and Gay Henricks

In this book 55 renowned people talk about books that changed their lives.
Check it out on Amazon:

God Bless You…

Thank you brother.. A great service benefitting all of us..God Bless!



malik, its a bravo effort. a great help to find good author……


Dear Malik

Congratulations on setting up such a useful blog. you have addressed the right challenge. i had also thought of setting up some sort of a reading club, primarily on the religious side where book summaries could be shared by people. you have made the difference between thinking and doing.

thanks again.

YAM, good job, will try and be an active participant.

Malik, such a commendable effort to have a blog with book summaries as a source of wisdom and inspiration to all of us.

We have to ensure that this is spread throughout students and those already in professions, both business and otherwise.

Keep it up, sir!


hi bhaiya.your blog is good.ans will definitely help in expanding my horizons of knowledge and make it easy for me to decide upon what to read?
good job!

You may send an email to studentsplus group freely. However, i will raise it personally as well.

Best of luck.

Its a marvelous job specially for those who want to learn and specially at the time when we are going to select a book.

This nice little effort apparently definitely had a huge amount of reading experience. So learners can find it truly helpful. Good Luck to you and Good luck to learners.

Nasir Ahmad
Save the Children

Thanks Nasir for your time to read and provide comment.

Just a little request: Can this message be spread to students and others who may be interested to read, contribute and learn?

regards and thanks again

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